Schedule for 18-19 Season

Posted by DUBLIN JEROME CELTIC BASEBALL on Aug 17 2018 at 05:23AM PDT

Hello Celts!

Since August is a “no-contact” month from OHSAA, we will begin 4-man rotations and Open Field workouts in Sept. for all non-fall sport athletes. Winter sport athletes are expected to attend or make arrangements with their position coach to get time in. Times and Dates will be determined by who is in the 4 man rotations by their position coach and that coach’s personal schedule. We will let you know that first week of open fields beginning on September 4th at 3:15 at the field.

These 4 man group assignments, as well as, any open field’s, will run up to November. At that time, we will begin our conditioning/strength unit up to February. In January, we will also re-start up our 4 man groups again, and that will be determined by the position coach once again. This will lead up to team practice in mid-February. All winter sport athletes are exempt since they will be in-season at the time.

On February 18th, our first, mandatory team practice begins. We do not have school that day or the next day (19th), but if you plan on playing, you will be there. Anyone missing those days, we will cut. We will hold Tryouts at this time thru that Thursday.

Tryouts will include, but not be limited to: arm assessment, baseline speed assessment, hitting ability, grades, collegiality, baseball acumen, work ethic, pitching and catching potential, and various other items.

Varsity will plan for a roster of 18 players. JV will plan for 14-16. Freshman will be TBD.

The Varsity and the JV teams will be going to Orlando, FL this year. The dates will be Mar. 23-29, 2019. We will practice on that Sunday the 31st in the evening. ALL LEVELS. Freshman will be allowed to go on break with their families again this year, as long as they are back by the Sunday evening practice. Missing this practice will result in a 3 game suspension. Our opening game back in Dublin will be on Mon., April 1 v. Upper Arlington.

Thanks and Go Celts!