This Week In Baseball - Celtic Version 7

Posted by DUBLIN JEROME CELTIC BASEBALL on May 14 2020 at 12:35PM PDT

Hello Celts! Well several new updates to go over:

1. In light of Gov. DeWine’s recent ruling that all recreational sporting activities may go on now beginning May 26th, it begs the questions, what does that look like in terms of a one or two week practice time? Are the high schools even allowing facility usage? And many more questions…

We will wait and see what DCS comes out with as far as facility usage and timeline. Once we get direction on their path, we will make a decision on collecting uniforms and passing out fundraiser prizes.

2. The 3 Dublin High School baseball coaches have been in contact and there are talks of a Dublin Classic during the week of July 13th. It would run a couple days mid-week to stay away from summer ball tournaments. We still are not clear on if we would be allowed to do this or not and if we can get all of our guys back. It would be for all 3 levels. If you can or would like to participate in this, please email your coaches:

JV Green-
JV Gold-

Scioto does not have a FR squad per se but we would play Coffman twice. The sites would rotate between the 3 schools, and we would hold a senior day festivity for that particular home school. AGAIN, nothing is in stone yet and we are just now looking into it.

3. All prizes are in for fundraiser and will be passed out on uniform collection day.

4. Thanks to Jeff and Jodi Wilson for taking the senior moms flowers. As many of you know, my father-in-law passed away on the 5th and we are still working through his matters. Thank you for the well wishes to!! It is much appreciated!!

5. Thanks to Jeff and Kristine Gross and the Haab’s for going to extra mile on the senior pictographs. We are posting them daily this week.

Stay safe and we will be in touch!
Go Celts!