This Week In Baseball - 2/1

Posted by DUBLIN JEROME CELTIC BASEBALL on Jan 29 2021 at 10:50AM PST

Welcome all to the Jerome Celtic Baseball Family!!

Wanted to put out a few things due to our booster group not having a booster meeting for such a long while. Normally we have a meeting once a month beginning in October.

Coaching Staff:
Chris Huesman – Varsity Head Coach (
Jay Stoner – Varsity Pitching Coach (
Ken Carpenter – Asst. Varsity (
Colin Seely – Varsity Defensive Coach (
Shamael Chaudhary – JVA Head Coach (
Doug DeVore – JVB Head Coach (
Tracy Molter – JVA/JVB Asst. (

Communication. Updated schedules are loaded on our webpage under Documents. You must log in first to view all the Documents. Booster fees are also listed and broken down on the site. Please sign up on Team Pages to receive all of our correspondence, note: you already have otherwise you would have not received this communique’. Follow us on twitter @JeromeBaseball1 and on Instagram at dublinjeromebaseball.

Spring Break. Usually we go on Spring Break as a team to Disney and the ESPN’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando. We stay for a week and play teams from all over the nation. We usually stay at Pop Century Resort. But, since COVID hit, we have been staying home. Next season, we plan to return to Disney for Spring Break. With that being said, we allow Freshman to go on Spring Break with their families, with the understanding that their Sophomore thru Senior years, they are with us. You are more than welcome to travel to Orlando with us on a normal year. Most parents do. We typically take the JVA team and VAR team. JVB or freshman will be allowed to vacation with their families and we will pick up that Monday after Spring Break.

Apparel. As some of you may have noticed, we have had several apparel sites up and running and completed. We usually have one in fall and will have one this month (very soon!). Those will be from ARES Sportsware and they will ship directly to your home. Dan Girard is the contact there. We had one recently from Boathouse but didn’t have luck selling those materials. People were not charged if they did order I am told. You will be on the hook for a hat ($25) and plain white pants. You can find those online or on our apparel store. I have the hats in and once the roster is complete, they will be made available for purchase. A dark green belts is needed as well. That and long soccer socks are available on the website also. I have jerseys that we will get to the kids and they must be returned at the end of season. No cost there. Other items will be listed on the site if needed, bat bags, sweatpants, hoodies, etc…

Durant. We work out with a personal trainer, Mike Durant. He works the kids out two days a week. He usually starts with us in November but again COVID hit us. We are looking at reduced fee for his services as a result. Mike is a former pro baseball player as well.

Roster/Cuts. We typically do not cut freshman unless there is a safety risk involved. We try to give them a year to prove themselves. We typically cut sophomores and juniors more so. Although, we are entertaining the idea of moving some upperclassmen down to JVA or JVB to get early reps. Our numbers are looking like approx. 18-22 on Varsity, 16-18 on JVA, and same on JVB. Pretty good for playing time. Talking about playing time, we have the philosophy that JVB develops and plays a lot of players, JVA develops and plays three/fourths the roster, and Varsity players have been developed and will continue that development but winning is the main goal, best players will play. We also refund fees for those cut. In some cases we buy back apparel to.

Begin. Feb. 22nd is the first day of practice. Those still in winter sports will join us when their sport is over respectively. We will mainly practice in the hitting facility but will utilize the Aux Gym as well and the weight room. We want JVB practicing first since they do not drive. JVA usually comes in after them. Then Varsity comes in for the graveyard shift, typically 6:30ish. The first 2 days will be tryouts. We will then inform the kids of the teams the start out on. We do move a lot of kids up and down depending on the needs of the Varsity like pitching.

Summer Travel Teams. No travel team is allowed to work out with you or practice with you or give you lessons after February 22nd. If they do not know this, you probably shouldn’t be playing with that team. They can resume with the player once the high school season is over. If they violate this rule, the entire team will forfeit all games and not be eligible for the OHSAA Tournament.

Arms. We currently have 4 arms that have severe tendonitis and a couple with even more extensive damage due to summer travel and fall leagues. Some were doing all three and seeing a pitching instructor and never gave their arm a break. We have an extensive arm care routine that Coach Stoner puts the players through. In Ohio, we have to treat an athletes arm with care. We also suggest only throwing for your summer team ONCE per week, not starting a game and relieving in two more for the weekend, then and going and playing a position just to win the Bumble Bee Clash of Titans Royal Bash in the Desert Wood Bat Ultimate World Universe Games and win a t-shirt. Thank you for helping us with this, seriously, we have seen careers ruined.

Practice. We have practice everyday when the season starts except Sunday. Please please do not schedule drivers ed, etc.. on these days. We will do our best to get you a schedule ahead of time. If something happens in your family, by all means let us know and we will work with you to make it happen. “Coach, my dad and I are going on a Bigfoot Expedition in WV this weekend, I cannot make practice Saturday!” “Will I still be starting on Monday?” In 30 years of coaching, I can write a book.

Hair Cuts. I keep an Outback Filet Knife, no just kidding, but we do expect the kids to be clean shaven and hair above their ear and no Billy Ray Cyrus mullets. (I actually know him, so I can use his name). The varsity guys have been getting fresh cuts and you can actually see their smiles and eyes!

Practice Gear. We want the kids to resemble baseball players and we expect them to practice as such. They typically wear old practice baseball pants, and usually a practice Jerome shirt I will buy them.

I will send more later, I am tired now :)
Coach Huesman