Physicals Up-to-date or needed:

Posted by DUBLIN JEROME CELTIC BASEBALL on Feb 15 2022 at 05:37AM PST

From our Training Staff: (Go to Final Forms and upload it, or give it to the trainer to update)

DeMuesy Physical will expire in 28 days.
Saravanan none on file.
A. Williams none on file.
Ludwig 28 days.
Cseplo 46 days.
M. Flanangan 16 days.
N. Flanagan none on file.
Krenzel 30 days.
McCarthy 31 days.
Norwood 56 days.
Simmons none on file.
Swift 6 days.
Takahashi none on file.
Dearing 35 days.
Fleming 33 days.
Little none on file.
Walsh none on file.
*Must have a current physical on file to tryout. Little Clinic can do them in Kroger with appointment. Or your local doctor.