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Good evening! Hope all is well!

Where are we with the Dublin Classic? The district made a ruling on the Dublin Classic. It entails that NO SENIORS would be allowed to participate in the series due to liability purposes/coverage. Since I have heard from no Juniors, and Coach Seely has only heard from 2 players, we will withdraw from the games.

Jersey collection will be on THURSDAY, MAY 28th. The time will be from 10am to 2pm. Bring any catching gear and equipment you have borrowed. At that time, I will pass out any fundraising prizes.

At this time, we are not allowed on school property to work on fields without a temperature check and filling out a form. Make sure no one is on the fields please. Thanks for understanding. No field use up to June 30th. That is the recommendation from Dr. Acton and the FCBofH. Until we hear different, that is the policy.

Best of luck to those graduating and hope to see all of you soon!

Hello Celts! Well several new updates to go over:

1. In light of Gov. DeWine’s recent ruling that all recreational sporting activities may go on now beginning May 26th, it begs the questions, what does that look like in terms of a one or two week practice time? Are the high schools even allowing facility usage? And many more questions…

We will wait and see what DCS comes out with as far as facility usage and timeline. Once we get direction on their path, we will make a decision on collecting uniforms and passing out fundraiser prizes.

2. The 3 Dublin High School baseball coaches have been in contact and there are talks of a Dublin Classic during the week of July 13th. It would run a couple days mid-week to stay away from summer ball tournaments. We still are not clear on if we would be allowed to do this or not and if we can get all of our guys back. It would be for all 3 levels. If you can or would like to participate in this, please email your coaches:

JV Green-
JV Gold-

Scioto does not have a FR squad per se but we would play Coffman twice. The sites would rotate between the 3 schools, and we would hold a senior day festivity for that particular home school. AGAIN, nothing is in stone yet and we are just now looking into it.

3. All prizes are in for fundraiser and will be passed out on uniform collection day.

4. Thanks to Jeff and Jodi Wilson for taking the senior moms flowers. As many of you know, my father-in-law passed away on the 5th and we are still working through his matters. Thank you for the well wishes to!! It is much appreciated!!

5. Thanks to Jeff and Kristine Gross and the Haab’s for going to extra mile on the senior pictographs. We are posting them daily this week.

Stay safe and we will be in touch!
Go Celts!

Hello and hope all are safe and healthy! We greatly miss all of our guys!!

1.) I have just received all of the prizes for the fundraiser. I will get those to the kids on a uniform turn in day here soon yet TBD

2.) ARES apparel I was told that Tom Vinci is checking with the company on getting those orders out. We still have many coaches and players that do not have their items they paid for.

3.) As of now, our fields are shut down through June. We cannot have, per Central Office I am told by our Athletic Director, anyone playing on them. I will let you know once that changes.

4.) We are currently working on a senior event that will showcase the guys with pictures and quotes. Beth Haab and Jeff Gross are working closely with senior parents to put all of that together.

5.) We are still collecting for hats and jerseys for those that apply. Only one or two left to get… thank you for that!

6.) I was told that summer ball will more than likely go deep into August this year if and when they allow them to play, beginning in July.

Update you more next week!!

*Jersey collection and catcher equipment collection will be probably in June. Please stay tuned for that date.

*Here is some information on REFUNDS for Pay to Play from our AD Joe Bline:
Jerome High School
via FinalForms

As a result of the 4/20/2020 OHSAA announcement of the cancellation of the spring sports season, Dublin City Schools will be refunding all spring sport activity fee payments made to the district. Payments made on EZPay will be refunded to the credit/debit card that made the original payment.

Refunds for payments made by cash or check will be in the form of a paper check issued through the school district. It is not necessary to individually request refunds at this time. To ensure that the district has the proper information to process your refund, please log into your student athlete’s Final Forms account to verify that your student athlete’s STUDENT ID has been entered and saved on the General Student Information page.

Failure to have the STUDENT ID field entered into Final Forms may result in the delay of your refund. We appreciate your patience as we work through the large number of payments to be refunded.
Thank you,
Joe Bline
Jerome High School Athletics Administration
Click here to access FinalForms (If this does not work, go to the EZPay athletic site and navigate from there…

*Next year’s plan is to go back to Florida. BUT, we will need to add a fundraiser to do it. We are planning on taking the JV and Varsity. If you know of a good fundraiser, please let myself or Jeff or Tom know at: (Our Treasurer, Tom Vinci) (Our President, Jeff Wilson) (Our Coach, Chris Huesman)

Well news came this week that we did not want to hear. Probably the understatement of the year, but we are all safe and have reason for hope. I would like to thank Fran Stevenson and her team on the posters, the senior pics, and hanging them up at the field. Very nicely done!

I have been having conversations with Mr. Gross , Mr. Wilson, and Mrs. Haab about things we can do for our senior class. We are currently brainstorming ideas. If you have anything, please let me know or one of the above parents.

Jerseys and Catching Equipment- we will collect them as soon as I get the go ahead from Mr. Bline, our AD. Remember the seniors bought theirs, $58. If you have not settled up with Tom Vinci yet, please do so asap. Thank you.

President Wilson and Treasurer Vinci have decided to reimburse the senior class their booster fees excluding Mike Durant workouts. We would like to keep the booster fees for the FR-Juniors and reapply them for next years. That way you do not owe booster fees next year. If you have any concern – please contact Tom at the above email address.

There were a few people that still owed on the last list I saw. This includes hats, stirrups, anything else…. please try to get those caught up.

Please put your hats up in a safe place as we will wear those next year.

I assume your pay-to-play will be refunded as well, but that is an athletic department item. Please contact Mr. Bline with any questions about that.

Coaches edged both diamonds and re-did the wind screen yesterday. We will make small work groups to catch up on all the work needed to be completed. Please honor the districts wishes and stay off the field. The stadium is open although to throw and field. Avery cages are open as well.

There is no plans for a banquet at this time.

The prizes for the fundraiser will arrive this week. Hopefully I will get them all distributed. Might distribute them at the uniform collection. I will keep you posted on that.

As always – let us know if you have any questions!
Stay Safe and Go Celts!