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Cardinal Division
2020 Varsity Baseball Schedule
Revised May 2020

May 9, 2020 (DH) May 16, 2020 (DH)
Bradley at Thomas W’ton Jerome at Darby
Scioto at O’tangy Berlin Kilbourne at Scioto
Jerome at Kilbourne Hayes at Bradley
Darby at Hayes O’tangy Berlin at Thomas W’ton

May 9, 2020 (DH) May 21, 2020
Thomas W’ton at Bradley O’tangy Berlin at Darby
O’tangy Berlin at Scioto Hayes at Kilbourne
Kilbourne at Jerome Thomas W’ton at Scioto
Hayes at Darby Jerome at Bradley

May 11, 2020 May 22, 2020
Kilbourne at Darby Darby at O’tangy Berlin
Thomas W’ton at Jerome Kilbourne at Hayes
O’tangy Berlin at Bradley Scioto at Thomas W’ton
Hayes at Scioto Bradley at Jerome

May 12, 2020 May 23, 2020
Darby at Kilbourne Scioto at Bradley
Jerome at Thomas W’ton Darby at Thomas W’ton
Bradley at O’tangy Berlin Hayes at Jerome
Scioto at Hayes Kilbourne at O’tangy Berlin

May 13, 2020 May 23, 2020
Hayes at Thomas W’ton Bradley at Scioto
Jerome at O’tangy Berlin Thomas W’ton at Darby
Darby at Scioto Jerome at Hayes
Kilbourne at Bradley O’tangy Berlin at Kilbourne

May 14, 2020 May 26, 2020
Thomas W’ton at Hayes O’tangy Berlin at Hayes
O’tangy Berlin at Jerome Bradley at Darby
Scioto at Darby Thomas W’ton at Kilbourne
Bradley at Kilbourne Jerome at Scioto

May 16, 2020 (DH) May 28, 2020
Darby at Jerome Hayes at O’tangy Berlin
Scioto at Kilbourne Darby at Bradley
Bradley at Hayes Kilbourne at Thomas W’ton
Thomas W’ton at O’Berlin Scioto at Jerome

*In listing the DH’s for baseball, it was my intent that both games be played at the home site of the first match up. The purpose of listing the second match up was to designate who would be considered the home team in the second game. It is not intended that you pack up and then move to the other site. Thanks.

JV and Freshman will play +opposite sight of what is listed above.*+

This is obviously contingent on whether we can play per Gov. DeWine and the OHSAA, but in case we do, we have a schedule in hand. I sent in a previous email the OHSAA dates to refer to!

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Link to Order Pictures - Varsity

Posted by DUBLIN JEROME CELTIC BASEBALL at Apr 13, 2020 10:26AM PDT

Coach, Can you please forward to the team? Password or code is DJ2020.

Thanks, Fran

Vice President
Accruent | Customer Success


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On 4/13/20, 12:57 PM, “” <> wrote:

CAUTION: This email originated from outside of the organization. Do not click links or open attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe. The softball teams asked if they could order prints. Thought your parents may want to as well. Here is the link. Brian Here is the direct link for Dublin Jerome Baseball/Softball pictures. Password or code is DJ2020.;!!KPww_GFiJXw!JhTG1WGadP5yWRXKpi8q4rmZYqZIN7_avsZxFi_L4LnVA-8j4v0lKMPXgDE-h6qhAQ$ They can also text DJ2020 to 90738 to receive a mobile link. The lab that processes these photo orders is located in Florida and is still operating as normal. Customers should receive their orders 3-5 business days after purchasing.

Good Afternoon! Hope this finds all of our Celtic Families safe and sound! Some news this week I wanted to share with you:

1. If we are back in school on May 1 and able to have an abbreviated spring sport season, we are looking at alternative OCC playing dates/schedules. Here are some potential dates if we are able to start competition on or about May 7:

Baseball: May 7, 8, 9 (DH), 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 23 (DH), 26, 28. Those dates underlined are for the division of eight only. All five divisions would play two rounds. To play one round, use the first five/seven dates. Sectional play is scheduled to start Saturday, May 16, at the present time. Adjustments would have to be made for those still involved with Sectional/District games as well as graduation dates. State tournament is scheduled for June 6-11 at the present time.

2. Make sure you are keeping up with your grades on Schoology!

3. Make sure you are staying in shape with your throwing, running, and swing training! Be ready! As you can see in #1, we will only have a 5-6 day window to practice before a gauntlet of back to back games.

Stay safe!
Coach H

Hello Celts! Hope all are safe and practicing social distancing!

Couple updates:
1. Gov. DeWine delayed attending school until May 1, as of now. With that, we are still holding out hope that the OHSAA and all powers that be will allow us to play a very abbreviated schedule and send us into the tournament. We hope that happens. I need all of you to stay sharp just in case! I see many of you on Twitter filming yourselves on what you are doing and it is awesome! There are several workouts that you can be doing to stay in shape as well and hopefully you are doing some of those!
2. Jersey/Hats. We handed out all of them and if you are a senior, Tom Vinci will be getting ahold of you for those who have not paid for theirs as of yet. ($58). For the JV Gold and JV Green, if we get the word that the season is cancelled, we will have a day that is approved by our AD that is safe to collect those. On the hats, we need a couple of you to pay for your hats ($20). We will wear the same hat and jersey next season FYI, so if you keep that nice you will not have to buy one next season.
3. Tom Vinci’s address, our treasurer, is: 9213 Lerwick Dr., Dublin, OH 43017
4. Regarding Booster Fees: I believe Tom and Jeff Wilson will be shooting out an email regarding that soon. We have discussed that and have a solid plan together.
5. Catcher’s Chest Protectors. I will collect those as well in case we cancel. We handed out 3 to our catching staff.
6. Keep those grades up!

Thanks everyone and hopefully, sooner rather than later, we will be at it again!!
Coach Huesman

LaRosa's Night! 3/18

Posted by DUBLIN JEROME CELTIC BASEBALL at Mar 17, 2020 9:14AM PDT

Attached is a fundraiser flyer for LaRosa’s tomorrow for mass distribution. Although the Spring baseball future may be unknown, supporting local businesses and giving folks something to look forward to can be a positive right now while still supporting Jerome Baseball.

Paula Williams

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